tracking across moon

Strange Object Seen Tracking Across Last Week’s Supermoon

Some people saw a strange object track across the face of last week’s Supermoon. Most likely a satellite however, the answer has yet to be determined. Link: What is this strange object moving across the SUPERMOON? via

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Artist Tobias Rehberger docks his ‘dazzle’ warship on London’s River Thames

The idea that fine art could help protect our navy at war seems a relic of a bygone century. And yet it was a rare survivor of the First World War. The scientist John Graham Kerr first presented the principle of ‘dazzle painting’ to Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, a century ago. […]

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family-of-birds illusion

Family of Birds Optical Illusion

Octavio Ocampo is one of Mexico’s most prolific painters. This is a beautiful example of his work – Family of Birds. I find it incredible that such a simple painting can hide a beautiful surprise!

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distorted world optical illusion

Distorted World Optical Illusion

One of the most popular images on our Facebook page is a picture of animpossible bridge. People just love the way the shading tricks the mind into seeing a bridge that cannot exist in real life. Continuing with this theme is another impossible object. This image is truly mind boggling! Spend some time really looking […]

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two lines perspective illusion

It is all in the Perspective

The brain can be easily tricked! Take this optical illusion for example – do the yellow lines appear to be of differing lengths? Yes they do however, they are both exactly the same length. This optical illusion is caused because the brain is tricked by the perspective of the drawing. These lines look like train […]

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super moon india

12 July 2014 Supermoon

A Supermoon (technically referred to as perigee) is when there is both a full moon and the orbits of the moon and earth are at their closest. Both the full moon and the close orbits give the illusion of a much larger moon than normal. According to NASA, a supermoon is up to 14% larger […]

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doctors room wall optical illusion

Wallpaper and Coffee Optical Illusion

We’ve all seen the wavy wallpaper optical illusions but this one turns it into a comic book joke. I quite like the effect of this illusion – for me the effect is quite pronounced as image appears to ripple.  

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mars rodent illusion

NASAs Mars Rover Optical Illusions are off the Planet

NASA’s Mars Rover has sent back some fascinating pictures of the surface of Mars. Many of these pictures contain landscapes and geological features that are not familiar us. These features will be studied for many years in a bid to better understand the ‘Red Planet’. However, there are some pictures that appear to contain some […]

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Endless Stairs Optical Illusion

This reminds me of the ‘rat-race’! Endlessly walking up stairs and getting nowhere!

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is it a woman optical illusion

Is This Really a Naked Woman?

Believe it or not this image is not of a naked woman. I know from your perspective it certainly looks like a woman standing with her back to us however, on closer inspection you can see that there is nothing in this image other than a pair of stockings, a cat, a wine glass, a […]

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